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    Sell My Honda Motorbike

    Do you have a Honda you want to sell? If your thinking yes, well we can buy your Honda for the best price today. You may think getting rid of your motorbike would be hard be make the process as as can be.

    We one of the leading buyers of Honda Motorbikes across Essex and London. Pirate Bikes have been collecting bikes for over 20 years and are well trained in the collection and market of motorbikes, especially Honda ones!. 

    We collect your Honda Motorbike in any condition, some of the most common faults or issues when collecting, Accident Damaged, High Mileage, Non runner, Unwanted, Crashed, Broken or Engine problems. 

    Our team our experts and will give your price that it is good ,  not ripping you off with a bad deal. We always give our customers a smooth service and make sure we are professional. This makes your life a lot easier when sell a Honda motorbike to us. 

    We Collect All Models Of Honda listed below:

    Honda XL , Honda CBR Fireblade , Honda FES , Honda FJS , Honda CBF , Honda NT DN-01

    Fast Facts About Honda Motorcycle Company

    1 – Honda Technical Research Institute was established 24th September 1948

    We Pay Cash For All Honda Motorbikes

    Competitive Prices Paid