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    Sell My Cagiva Motorbike

    Do you have a Cagiva you want to sell? If your thinking yes, well we can buy your Cagiva for the best price today. You may think getting rid of your motorbike would be hard be make the process as as can be.

    We one of the leading buyers of Cagiva Motorbikes across Essex and London. Pirate Bikes have been collecting bikes for over 20 years and are well trained in the collection and market of motorbikes, especially Cagiva ones!. 

    We collect your Cagiva in any condition, some of the most common faults or issues when collecting, Accident Damaged, High Mileage, Non runner, Unwanted, Crashed, Broken or Engine problems. 

    Our team our experts and will give your price that it is good ,  not ripping you off with a bad deal. We always give our customers a smooth service and make sure we are professional. This makes your life a lot easier when sell a Cagiva motorbike to us.

    We Collect All Models Of Cagiva listed below:

    Alazzurra 350, Alazzurra 350 GT, Alazzurra 400 , Alazzurra 400 GT, . , Alazzurra 650,  , Alazzurra 650 GT,  , 

    Aletta Oro 125 S1. , Aletta Oro 125 S2,  Blues 125 Freccia C9 125 Freccia C10 125 Freccia C12 125 Indiana 650, Ducati engine Mito Mito Mk II Mito Ev ,

    Mito SP525 SS 175 SST 125 SST 250 SST 350 SuperCity 50/75 SuperCity 125 Roadster 521 Roadster 200 Low Rider 125 Prima 50/75 Planet 125 River 500 River 600 Raptor 125,

    Raptor 650, Suzuki engine V-Raptor 650, Suzuki engine Raptor 1000, Suzuki engine V-Raptor 1000, Suzuki engine Xtra Raptor 1000, Suzuki engine.

    Quick Facts About Cagiva Motorbike Company

    1 – Cagiva was found in 1950 and in Varese , Italy

    2  – Their Headquarters are in Varese , Italy.

    3 –  The company was founded by Giovanni Castiglioni. 

    4 – It originated with selling small metal components 

    5 – In 1978 , Cagiva went into Motorcycle industry.


    Sara Oconnor  – We Collected a Alazzurra 350 , Located in Chelmsford

    Great service. Made my life simple.  

    Fahim Ryan – We Collected a Mito Ev  , Located in Brentwood

    Collected my motorbike same day as i contacted them. 



    We Pay Cash For All Cagiva Motorbikes


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