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    FAQS When Scrapping A Motorbike

    There are always lots of questions that are raised by people when it comes to get rid of a scrap motorbike. Although some are brought up more than others. Pirate Bikes have complied a list of all your questions with answers. This should help you. If any there are still any queries do not hesitate to contact us. 

    How Long Does It Take To Remove My Motorbike?

    This will depend on the location and type of motorbike/condition. We aim to remove all bikes within 20 minutes. 

    How Do I Start The Process?

    Just get in touch with a trusted scrap bike dealer like ourselves Pirate Bikes. 

    How Long After Filling Out The Quote Form Will You Call?

    We aim to call all forms within the hour of a person filling it out. Although this will not apply to out of hours and bikes outside our collection range. 

    What Price Will You Offer Me?

    Pirate Bikes will surely be able to offer you a top rate for your salvage bike. Your price will calculated through a few different factors like Make & Model, Condition, Age etc. 

    How Does The Quote Form Work?

    You fill out your details and we call you. As simple as that!

    Do You Accept All Bikes?

    Yes we buy all bikes in any condition.