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    Sell My Bmw motorbike

    Do you have a Bmw you want to sell? If your thinking yes, well we can buy your Bmw for the best price today. You may think getting rid of your motorbike would be hard be make the process as as can be.

     We one of the leading buyers of Bmw Motorbikes across Essex and London. Pirate Bikes have been collecting bikes for over 20 years and are well trained in the collection and market of motorbike, especially Bmw ones!

     We Also Collect Scrap BMW Motorbikes. 

    We collect your Bmw in any condition, some of the most common faults or issues when collecting, Accident Damaged, High Mileage, Non runner, Unwanted, Crashed, Broken or Engine problems. 

    Our team our experts and will give your price that it is good ,  not ripping you off with a bad deal. We always give our customers a smooth service and make sure we are professional. This makes your life a lot easier when sell a Bmw motorbike to us.

    We Collect All Models Of Bmw listed below:

    Bmw S 100 , Bmw G, Bmw F , Bmw F 700 , Bmw C , Bmw , GS , Bmw Hp , Bmw K , Bmw R ,

    Bmw F 650 , Bmw Flink , Bmw G 450 , Bmw K 1 , Bmw k 100 , Bmw K 1100 , Bmw k 1200 , Bmw k 1300, Bmw k 1600 , Bmw k 75 , bmw krasuer MKM  100 , Bmw R 100 , Bmw r 1100, Bmw R 1150 , Bmw R 1200 , Bmw R 45 , Bmw R 65 , Bmw R 80 , Bmw R 850 , Bmw R 900

    Quick Facts about BMW Motrrad

    1.  In May 2011 , BMW produced their 2,000,000th motorcycle. 

    2. They started producing motorcycles in 1923. 

    3. BMW Motorrad only produced engines for other companies for between 1921 and 1923. 

    4. BMW Motorrad is located in Germany, but ship world wide. 

    5.BMW Motrrad motorcycle are produced at a plant in Berlin, Germany

    6.Engine are manfactured in Austria, China and Taiwan. 

    7. BMW stands Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH.


    Silas Osbron  – We Collected a BMW S 100  Located in Warley

    Quick and efficient service, 5 star review.

    Nicola Lucero – We Collected a BMW C , Located in London

    Great collected my motorbike from side of road , 5 star review.

    Cody Magana – We Collected a BMW F 700  , Located in Rush Green

    Gave me price agreed at collection.

    Zena York – We Collected a Bmw K 1 , Located in Dagenham

    Made my life simple, collected my motorbike and got payed , 5 star review.